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We build learning experiences that work.

Did you know there are 4.5 BILLION digital learners on this planet? Every day they're on their phones and devices learning new things so they can improve their lives. Have they found you yet?

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with charlatans selling courses that simply don't work. Sure. They make plenty of money. But, they do it by putting sales and marketing, not the learner, first.

We believe learners expect more when they buy a course. We believe there's a better way to do it.

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A Few Ways To Do This

I'll show you how to build a course that will be the envy of all of your friends.  Bring your skills and talent. I'll take care of the rest.
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DIY Course Creation

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Partner with a Pro Course Creator
Partner Up With a Pro

Even Michael Jordan needed a great coach. Get the extra help you need when you need it most.

Custom Build Courses
Custom Build

Why sweat the details when you don't have to. Leave me the keys and we'll do the driving for you.


"Let me tell you something about Gregg: he's a rare find. He knows 95% of people don't complete the courses they pay for, so his methodology and approach addresses that challenge and makes it more likely for someone to not only complete the course, but apply what they learn as well. He's a total pro and if you get the opportunity to work with him, you need to get on it, because you're not gonna find better."

Image of CEO of Influence Expansion
Lena West
CEO @ Influence Expansion

I wanted to build my own course and received several referrals to Gregg Eiler. Now I am about to launch my own course and am so confident about the soundness of it. Gregg is truly a DAMN GOOD COURSE BUILDER AND COACH!

Image of CEO of MindKatalyst
Carnellia Ajasin
CEO @ MindKatalyst

I've built numerous courses with Gregg and he's a fantastic coach. He looks WAY beyond sales and puts the learner first. He's our go-to guy for building awesome learning experience.

Image of David Norman
David Norman
OWNER @ DNA Productions

There are so many hours in a day. Gregg helped me build a killer course that's helping me scale my business and reach more customers. Definitely worth the time and money.

Image of Erik Hernandez
Erik Hernandez
Look Photography

Pricing Plan

Choose your plan.


  • 1 BIG IDEA session
  • Design course outline, learning objectives and tasks for up to 8 modules
  • Design activities, practice and feedback plan
  • Design job aids, worksheets, and other course assets
  • Weekly strategy call


Most Popular

Includes BASIC package and...
  • Build a branded Workbook, Facilitator’s Guide and Deck
  • Build branded job aids, worksheets, and other course assets
  • Design and build 2 lead magnets and landing pages
  • Build storyboard for video course, or assets for webinar course


Includes PLUS package and...
  • Set up resource library (subscription only)
  • Create 3-5 short videos for subscription library and sales funnel
  • Set up and manage webinar
  • Produce Webinar
  • Build webinar presentation, tools and assets
  • Set up and launch eMail plan and integration
  • Create FAQs
  • Get user feedback from first user group

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this course?

Two things. First. You will learn how to design and build a course worth taking. Most online courses have a 90% dropout rate. That's a lot! We'll show you how to change that by using the proven methodologies to keep your students engaged and get them what they need to do the work. Second. We will show you how small businesses are using courses to scale. We'll show you their business model and all of the pieces their putting together to reach more people.

Who did you design it for?

Professionals. Creatives. Anyone who has mastered something worth teaching others. Most of our clients have spent years honing their skills and craft and are eager to share their experience with others. Think about it like this... if there is something you've mastered at any point in your life, somewhere out there wants to learn how to do it, too.

What's the difference between your services?

We believe anyone can create a great and effective learning experience. Anyone. That's why we created three options for getting your course built. The first option gives you everything you need to build the course yourself. The second option partners you up with a master course builder who will help you with build a great learning experience. Our final option is for those who want a stellar team to handle all parts of building a great course.

Why are courses still relevant when information online is free?

Because information is much different than a course. Information has always been available to us. First it was lectures, then books, then videos and now podcasts. The medium has changed, but the content is still the same. People don't learn by gobbling up information. If that was the case, a lot more of us would be able to pick up guitar, learn Spanish, and become a marathon runner just by watching YouTube videos. Real learning takes work. We're here to make that work as simple as possible.

Where can I get more information to see if this is the right fit?

Send me an email with your questions to You can also check out some of the people already using courses to fuel their business. People like Mike Johnston, Megan Telpner, Belinda Davidson and Joel Grimes.

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