5 Ways to Make a More Profitable (and effective) Course

By Gregg Eiler | Blog

Thousands of freelancers and entrepreneurs are using courses to fuel their business and brand. Cracking the code leads to more customers and a great revenue stream. But, it’s not easy building a great course that works. Don’t worry… help is here. I’ve listed below 5 ways to make a more profitable (and effective) course.


People find themselves on slippery slopes when they make promises they can’t keep. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Instead, find that one thing you do great and go deep on it. Be the ultimate source for that one unique thing.

  • Stick to your expertise. The only chance you have of cornering your market is to teach YOUR subject. Don’t let articles or social feeds determine what you’re going to teach. I guarantee there are people out there who want to learn things that come easily to you.
  • Be a curator. Don’t promise expertise that you can’t deliver. Connect your students with the right resources and people. It’s the best way to be the go-to source for your subject.
  • Be honest. Get used to saying, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” People buy things from people they trust.


The best way to build a great course is to let your students build it for you. They will tell you exactly what they want and how to keep them wanting more. What are you doing to put your learners first? Is this more about them? Or a lot about you?

  • PUT YOUR LEARNER FIRST. I said it again because it’s that important. Build the course that your learner’s want to take. Help them do the things they want to do.
  • Ask. Don’t assume. You will never be able to determine what’s best for your students without asking. Ask early. Ask often. And don’t stop asking.
  • Be in constant beta. People are learning and changing at a staggering pace. Evolve together with your learner.
  • Don’t be lazy. Teaching is a tough business. A great online learning experience takes just as much time as teaching a live class. Put in the time.
Consider this: People drop out of 90% of the courses they take online. Imagine if most college students walked out of every class they took. The school would change things - quickly. Yes. It’s great to make money with your course. It’s even better when your students can learn from you the one thing you’ve promised to teach them. Never stop asking, “Does this put my student (or me) first.”


Telling ain’t teaching. You must SHOW people how to do things if you want them to succeed. People are copiers. Give them something great to copy.

  • Share good and bad examples. Find people who are doing things right and share their work. Show people why it works and how to avoid the mistakes.
  • Tell great stories. Your course should be a story made up of small, cohesive chapters. People remember stories and forget information. Stories stick. Lectures disappear.
  • Don’t be vague. Show people exactly where you are going and how to get there. Don’t ever leave people guessing. Frustrated learners leave and never return.


Too many instructors focus on what they want their students to Know instead of what they want them to Do. Knowledge comes from experiences, not our courses. Our students want to learn how to build, create and make. Help them Do the work and get out of their way.

  • Focus on the fundamentals. The only way to build mastery is with a great set of fundamentals. Don’t ever skip the first step.
  • Make it easy for people to do the work. People show up for the tools. Give them EVERYTHING they need to learn during and after your course.
  • Pace yourself. Small chunks. Small bites. Small steps. Don’t expect people to learn at your pace. Messages take moments. Learning takes years.
Consider this: The most important skill to develop when we’re young is how to think. That changes as we get older. Now, the most important skill to master is how to learn. We have plenty of opportunities to think about the things that are most important to us. What we need most are the habits that lead us to accomplish big things. Focus on what people can do if you want to see them get better.


Tom Brady has Bill Belichick. Michael and Kobe had Phil Jackson. A great coach turns an average player into someone great. Help your students be great.

  • Make yourself available. Don’t go dark when people log off. Connect with your learners early and often. Share your wisdom. Mistakes. Experiences.
  • Never stop teaching. Keep sending your students new tools, resources, and examples as you learn together.  

Don’t go dark. Your course is just the beginning of the experience. Coffee makers are automatic. A great learning experience is not.

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