Sink or Swim

By Gregg Eiler | Blog

It’s hard putting yourself out into this world. Opening up a window and yelling at the neighbors usually brings scowls and threats. But if you can sing a nice song or say something people want to hear, they might just listen for a few moments.

I’ve done the things expected of me. I got degrees. I traveled. I showed up to work and smiled a lot. I collaborated and gave way to bigger egos and paychecks. I still do it because it’s my place in time. I’m stuck smack-dab in the middle of the old days where bosses decide your pay, your work and your future, and today when you own your risks and rewards. I’ll admit… it sucked sitting behind a computer doing my best work for someone else. I’m not surprised that I ran out of juice. I dried up. I put on my headphones and called it in.

My life has been a constant pursuit of knowledge. I traveled to seek out wisdom. I went to college to learn from the best minds. I joined big companies hoping to meet the best performers. Information was my drug and I was always looking for the good sh*t. Now everyone’s carrying good stuff and prices are way down. My search is over. Information is no longer king. The king is dead. Hallelujah the King is Dead.

What matters now is what we do with all of that noise. Instead of navigating through people and experiences, we now crawl our way through mounds of information. We send 204 million emails to each other every minute.That’s a lot of information. I’m buried in the thing I was searching for when I was young. Now I spend most of my time sifting through piles of wires trying to find the right ones to connect.

This story is about those connections. I’ve spent a long time looking for ways to turn my course-building skills into something I can share with others. I’ve been a course builder for more than 15 years because I believe in the power of connecting people with the right information. My courses have helped people find a new hobby, fix a big problem, sell a great idea and get a nice promotion. And I’ve managed to do it while advancing someone else’s agenda.

Not any more. I want to advance my own agenda. I want to help talented people build great online courses. I meet people every day who can do things that seem to just come natural to them. Artists and professionals, craftsmen and performers. I’m going to help those people connect with hungry students all around the globe. The best education doesn’t have to be tied up in universities or corporations. We own the information. We’ve built the knowledge. We can share our experiences with each other.

I invite you to watch me sink or swim as I build my business. During this journey I’ll share everything I learn along the way. I’ll attend the courses so you don’t have to. I’ll find legit resources and people worth following. I’ll talk to experts and help you sift through the millions of articles, advertisements and posts. I’ll tell you how much things really cost, how much I really make, and admit how privileged I am to even be considering any of this.

So… if you’ve ever considered going into business for yourself - keep reading. If you’ve ever mastered something that you know others want to learn to do themselves - keep reading. If you want to connect your work with the people who need it most - keep reading.

Email is still one of the best way to connect with like-minded people. I contacted you thinking you might be interested in what I’m sharing. If not, good on ya’. Carry on and keep doing your best work. Right now I’m building my tribe one person at a time. Please help me by sending this to someone who might be interested in my story. I’ll do everything I can to share a lot of value along the way. If I don't, tell me or just opt out.

Thank you for your time.


Gregg Eiler, Master Course Builder

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